Dublin Theme Menu - Only Responsive when Width Changes?

Hello, I am currently using the Dublin theme and have noticed that when I open the menu and choices fall below the bottom of the web page canvas, it doesn't change the menu to "pop-out" the selections, so I can't get to those choices.  However, it does change the menu to "pop-out" mode once I shrink the Width of the canvas below 1600 pixcels.  Attached are screen shots...  Anyway to fix this?
Hello Christopher,

Sorry for the late reply, but your post evaded our radars until now. For future Silk related posts, please use the Silk UI forums, or in this particular case, the Dublin Template Forums.

This is happening because the Dublin Template was not build to support that many menus/submenus.

However, if the "pop-out" option works for you, you can check the CSS rules that are applied to the menu when you are on a Small Desktop or tablet (.desktop.small / .tablet), and apply the same rules to the regular desktop (.desktop).

Samuel Jesus