Invalid Tenant Identifier

Hi everyone.

I received this error:
"Invalid Tenant Identifier: 8 is not a valid Tenant for this eSpace. Make sure it is active and belongs to the <name> eSpace "

So, my application has 2 eSpaces:
1st - calls an action referenced in the 2nd eSpace 
2nd (for Logic)- has the action implemented which consists in the execution of a process (BPT) 

I know the problem is in using a process called in another eSpace. Any idea how to solve this?
Hi Filipe,

Do you have both espaces set to multi-tenant?  If so, is the referenced action using any multi-tenant entities as input/output parameters?
I'm having a similar issue. Same scenario as Filipe,

One espace is calling a second which executes a process. It's strange because the first espace is also calling a third espace that calls a process and that does work.

EDIT: Nevermind - I found the solution. It's got to do with the User Provider eSpace. The second eSpace had itself set as a user provider instead of the Users eSpace which the first eSpace is using.