popup upload widget

 1.Can anyone  please explain the below functions in the step:3.
2.And also tell me how to display a particular value in the screen.

link:    https://andrefmota.outsystemscloud.com/RichWidgetsSample/PopupUpload.aspx?(Not.Licensed.For.Production)=

How to use Popup Upload?
1. Put Popup_Upload web block from RichWidgets inside a container together with a Popup_Editor web block;
2. Name the Popup_Upload link and update the text inside it according to your needs;
3. Create an "OnNotify" action in the screen, to handle the uploaded file information: use the Popup_Upload_GetFile() action to retrieve the data, using the id from the NotifyWidgetGetMessage(). 
Hi Hemalatha,

The step 3. is where you receive information from the uploaded file from the popup window. After the user clicks the button "Upload", you need to run the OnNotify action in your screen so that you receive this information and are able to do something with it.

To retrieve this information you have the action Popup_Upload_GetFile, and you need to obtain the Id of the uploaded file using the expression TextToInteger(NotifyGetMessage()). After this, you can access the details of the uploaded file, such as Popup_Upload_GetFile.File.UploadedFile.Filename to obtain the file name.

I have attached a small .oml file that illustrates this.
Sorry.I didn't  see any attachment .It shows processing upload.
You're right... Let's try again.
Thank you very much for your Reply. Its working.
Now I am able to upload the file.How to download the same file?

To allow the end-users to download files, you use the Download element to finalize an action flow:


In the properties of the Download element you must specify the variable that contains the contents of the file, as well as the file name that the end-user will see when the file starts to download.

I hope this helps.
Thanks for your reply.

I want to upload a Text file with '|' delimiter into my entity. Is it possible to upload the file?

Hello Jeffin,

The easiest way to do  this is to:

  1. Create an Excel file from the simple text file with the "|" delimiter
  2. Use the Excel file to create your entity.

To create the Excel file you simply need to open the text file in Excel, and specify that the delimiter is the pipe character "|". Excel will then import your data into the cells of a sheet. Save the file.

Then, see how to import the content of the Excel file in this video:


Thanks Paulo, But I am looking for a solution without using excel which can upload directly from Text file. Please let me know if you have any

There is a component in Forge to do this, but unfortunately it seems that the latest update to the component was made a long time ago...


i m getting error

Foreign Module Error
Your OutSystems subscription only allows uploading modules developed in your environment, or downloaded from the OutSystems Forge. To share this module with the community, upload it at http://www.outsystems.com/goto/forge.