I am using the upload button to take and upload a photo to my app. When I'm on a tablet (in OSNow or browser) or on a phone in a browser it works fine. But when I use the OSNow app on the phone I access the camera, take the photo and return to the app but then nothing happens. It doesn't seem to catch the event that the photo was taken so it doesn't save. 
Can anyone help me? :)
Aaaaanyone? :)
It seems that the problem is only on Android devices, and just some. I have tried it in the OSNow on my Samsung S4 phone (With Android version 5.0.1, Lollypop), Samsung S6 and Samsung Tab A (With Android version 5.0.2, Lollypop) and it doesn't work there. Then I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (With Android version 5.0.2, Lollypop) and it works.
It also works on iPhones and iPads.
And then it all works great when I use the browser on these devices :D 
I'm encouraging my users to use the OSNow app so this is kind of a dealbreaker for sem of them.

I would be so greatful if someone could help me so I can deliver what my users are asking for.
I was not using the native apps... going to try that and will post the results ;)
Hello Íris.

Sorry for the late reply.
Did you get everything to work?

Yes, thank you. I just used the OSNow Camera component and changed the design a little bit. Thank you for replying