To convert a page in to english

i want to make a page using outsystems platform for changing the page to another language
Hi Syed, 
You can do multilingual applications with Outsystems.The language by default is English, but you can add other languages:
Check some documentation here:

Basically, you need to start by adding a new locale...

and associated with that locale you'll have a new resource - translations file. Here, you need to define wich labels you want to be translated and add the translation.

Let me know if that helps.
Have fun :)


I have tried this but this not working.
I have a web screen and i have added table record to it.
i have droped an entity  in table records.
i have two labels english and arabic from here i am confused.
how to Display data in both languages.

Can you send me your .OML so that I can take a look?
Hi syed,

You can add the so popular "flags" which can be for example icons that are on the header of your application (ie common to all pages) and when you click on those icons you (re)define the CurrentLocale to the one of choice:

pt for portuguese
en-us for US English

and so on... :)

Then, when you click on those icons here's what you can do:

The Screen Action associated with the icons will be to set the value of a Session variable that you created to the locale you desire:

Then on the preparation of each page, you add an action called:


where you set the value of the currentLocale to the value of the Session variable you created, and that's it.
Attached is my OML.
I have two links in my web screen but its not working.
could you please help me in fixing this issue. 

Good morning Syed
I just realized that, besides the translation issue, you'll face another challenge - "right to left' reading!
But guess what?! We have the solution - this post will help you a lot :)

Take a look at the example and let me know if have any questions.
sure. I will let you know.