Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration

HI All,
WE are trying to get single sign on via Active Directory working. WE have integrated to AD but cannot see how we can get the sytem to permission so the user once signed on to the network does not have to sign on again to the applications we have built on the Platform.


Sandy Purbrick

Hi Sandy,

Are you using the same User Provider eSpace for all the modules that belong to the applications you want single sign-on to be activated?

User Provider is the concept that allows the implementation of Single Sign on on OutSystems. You can check more about it here:

Hi, I want integrate via AD i.e sign on to AD and no sign on to Outsystems- THis is what I mean by single sign. WE are doing single sign on when we are only authenticating against Outsystems but I want to sign on via AD

But are you using the native capabilites of the platform to integrate with AD as defined here:

If so. you still need the User Provider configuration to be correct.