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   I have acombo box as Status in Pop-up page where i should show only " Further Approval , Approved and Rejected " as statuses in that. But actually in my status entity i have " In-Progress , Pending Requst , Further Approval , Approved and Rejected " as attributes , so it's showing all these things there. So i need to know whether do we have any method to get only those three ststus there? And the next doubt is in the same Pop-up page in " Assigned to " column i have to display it only for " Further Approval " . I have also tried it with " If " but still i don't get the proper things. I have enclosed my " .oml " file for your verification. Please clear this two doubts.
Hey Hemalatha.
For the combo box, if you set the Source Entity it will use all the records present on that Entity.

For example, in this case the combo box will show all the users:

To limit the results you need to add an aggregate to the preparation to return only the records you want and then set the "Source Record List" attribute on the combo box to use that aggregate.

In this case, instead of showing all the users, the combo box will only show the result of the "GetUserById" aggregate:

Hope this helps.
Thank you for your reply. I will try this.