[Silk UI Web] click on tabs should cache the tab

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Published on 25 Jan (3 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Jan (3 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
I love the feature you have where you can have tabs and set them to load on click.  Makes big pages load so much faster and then the person can just load what they want when they click on those tabs.  However, what we really don't like about this is that if I click a tab, look at something, click to another tab and look at something, when I go back to the first tab - the system should cache this tab so that it doesn't have to load again.  Users of our system are fine with the initial load but it should not have to "reload" that tab if they go to a different tab and then come back to it.  It should just show whatever was loaded the first time instantly.
Hello Jason,

Thank you for the feedback. I'm adding this feedback to our backlog to be further analysed.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus
The load on click, how does this actually work? Since everything is still in the preparation.. So actually it still loads everything?

Or does the tabs only a specific part of the preparation that's needed?
Hello Niels,

You are absolutly right. Silk UI does not affect the preparation of your page. So, when the preparation runs, everything inside it will be loaded. 

For example, if on the 3rd Tab you have a Table that uses a Query from the preparation, although the Table itself will only be loaded to the page when you click that specific tab, the preparation was already loaded.

In order to achieve that optimization you need to use webblocks. Since the webblock code is only loaded onclick of the 3rd tab, its preparation only runs then, and with it your query.

Samuel Jesus