[SilkUI framework] - Surfaces and Touch Screen Laptops are detected as tablets


SilkUI is detecting Surfaces and touch screen laptops as Tablets when using Internet Explorer 11. 

Can we override this behaviour?

Best Regards.
Hello Nuno, 

Surface tablets (and touch screen laptops) running windows 8 / 8.1, have 2 different Internet Explorers: Metro and normal.
If you open Silk on the metro app, you will see it as a tablet. However, if you open it on the regular Internet Explorer 11, it should detect as a desktop. 

Please test on the normal Internet Explorer, and if it still showing the tablet interface, please send us the following information:
  • Screenshot of your homepage with the problem replicated.
  • Windows Version
  • Silk UI Framework version (to check the version, please access the following URL: myserver/SilkUIFramework)
Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus
Hi Samuel

We are testing in Internet Explorrer 11 as you can see in attached image. All Laptops and Surfaces are connected to a regular monitor so this behaviour is strange. 

We are using SilkUi 1.2.1.

Best regards,
Nuno Fernandes