application functions not working when using an old favorites link in browser

Hi all,

I am experiencing the strangest problem that some users of my application cannot use specific functions in the application when they never logout properly and use an old favorites link in their toolbar. The issue is gone as soon as they logout, remote the favorits link and enter the application again by typing the link.

Did anyone else experience a similar problem before? Or does anyone know how to fix it?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Linda van Deijne
Hi Linda,

It may be possible that when the user clicks the favourites link, the browser serves cached content. If the specific functions use AJAX, a request is made to the server which is rejected because the user isn't logged in. I very much doubt that the user needs to also remove the link, unless they didn't create a favourite, but tried to save an offline version and linked to that.

I would advise you to ask the users to carefully reproduce the steps they took to add the bookmark, and see whether they do anything odd.