Import Actions and Structures from .NET Assembly

Hi all,

I would like to create a new Class Library project, with some methods that use class/structure parameters.
All my tries resulted in the method not being visible in the import feature or the parameter being created as an Object and not the object/structure type.
In the past, I imported a Web Service proxy Library, and Integration Studio imported as I intended:

Can someone provide a basic exemple of how can I archive the same with a new .net project.?
Hi Carlos,

The automatic import does indeed work differently when the target library is for Web Services, since in those cases the objects are guaranteed to be serializable, the platform is able to create better structures for them.

In all other cases the import cannot assume that the objects don't have state, it imports amost everything as  Objects, and actions to create/modify those Objects. Unfortunaltly that also means that the API's that are automatically created are alot harder to use.

What I recommend you to do is avoid the automatic import in those cases where it creates a complex API. You can manually create the necessary actions and structures and just do a little bit of code to call the methods in your assembly.

João Rosado