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Published on 25 Mar (4 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Mar (4 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
I'm trying to use the pattern LoadOnVisible from SIlkUI putting a Table Record inside and can't make it work.
Can anyone give me a help or eSpace example with the Table Record with the parameters well defined and the query that binds it? 
Does it works in Desktop / Tablet / Phone?
And is it possible to set the number os record to get in each scroll (like an infinite)?
Thanks for the help.
Hi Goncalves,

The pattern LoadOnVisible loads the content in it as a whole, once that content gets close to the viewport. It is obtained from the server (AJAX refresh) and then loaded.
This means that when you put a table inside, it will load all of it, right when it gets to the viewport.

Hope this can help you,
Hi Ruben,
Tks for your answer.
But in terms of the query that Binds the Table Record and the max record property of the Table Record, how must I put it?
Since it runs the Preparation, if I put no limit in the query I'm getting the full records at once. I tried it in a desktop, but want to have it working on desktop / tablte / phone.
I try it and nothing happens..
And is it possible to set the number os record to get in each scroll (like an infinite)?
Thanks for the help.

For you to create a infinite scroll what you need to do is to have a local variable that will have the number of results to be fetched from the database (start with 20, and then increment to 50, ....).

London theme has a widget for infinite scroll, that when scrolling and getting close to the of the page, an OS notification is raised.
Additionally you can download the code for that in the london website:

If you need anything else, let me know. 
Hi Ruben,
Thanks a lot for the help..I had no idea that London Theme already had a infin.scroll implemented. And it worked just perfectly..
For curiosity I just stayed with the doubt about why can't I use LoadOnVisible properly and what i'm doing wrong..
If I understood we should have no limit in the query and use the length of the query result to put in the table record max?
Shouldn't this work? is ther any property or css class we must have set or removed?
Thanks again for your precious help.

I'm trying to get infinite scroll to work, but I'm having performance issues... see my page here:
It perfoms fine on a desktop browser (loading 10 at a time for testing).... on my iPhone6 it does some odd things like jumping up the page and then taking ages to load... can anyone help?
PS I've tried Safari & Firefox on my phone - same result on both browsers..