Icon not visible on mobile view

I have an application with table of records. In one of the headers I have a flag image shown . When I switch to the mobile view, the flag image does not show up. I have inspected the element to see that the div holding the image is not seen in the mobile view. Is there a way where I can have similar behavior in mobile view as well that is "showing up the image" 

PFA for more info.
Hi Abhi,

Thanks for your feedback. In fact you've run into a limitation of our responsive apps. Only the text contents are kept when you open a table in a small screen, not images.
A possible workaround would be to add the following CSS to your page:

.TableRecords_OddLine:nth-child(5) .TableRecords_Label:after {
    content: url(<FLAG_IMAGE_HERE>);
    display: block;

This will add your flag to the 5th column of your table.
Don't forget to replace <FLAG_IMAGE_HERE> with the URL of your flag image. You can just drag it into the css editor to do it. 

Please tell me if you need any more help.


Sara Cruz
Thank You Sara Cruz. Appreciate it!! Will try the suggested workaround