Enable Service Center HTTPS

Enable Service Center HTTPS


Is it possible to force Service Center to be HTTPS on either OutSystems cloud or independent infrastructure?  Ideally would want to do this without shutting port 80.
I'dd say that in the website you have both bindings defined (80, 443).

You can select the virtual directory and access the SSL Settings section.

In there you may say you require SSL. After applying, service center will no longer be acccessed through http (it will return a http 403 error).

My only problem is that I'm not sure if any component that is accessing service center app or webservices (service studiom lifetime) may misbehave with this configuration.


How can I apply this on the OutSystems managed cloud infrastructure as we have no access to the server.  Is there somewhere this can be configured in service center itself?
In that scenario, my advise would be for you to send an email to support@outsystems.com explaining the situation.

I'm not sure that scenario is an allowed one, to be honest.