I have attached the module.In that I have used two entitiy. One gives personal info & other gives the uploaded file info. I have a confusion how to merge the uploaded file details with personal detail. (i.e) A  person(jai)   attached file (screen.jpeg).
Hello Hemalatha,

I believe that you want to create a "one-to-one relationship" between the Person and the File entities, meaning that each Person will have one (and one only) File, is that correct?

If so, you must change the Id of the entity File to be a PersonId. This means that the records in the database will look something like this:

Id: 397
Name: Joe

PersonId: 397
Filename: doc.txt

And so on. What this means is that each file will be associated by the PersonId to a corresponding Person. When you have two entities linked like this, it is easy to fetch and manipulate information from both entities at the same time using aggregates and forms.

Take a look at these resources that will help you understand this better:
Thank you for your reply. I will try this.
Thankyou. I got the solution.