I am using an extension to connect to an exsiting MSSQL database, in one of the table there is column of text data type, which cannot be used with any text function in the aggregate filters. Is there a way to make it work or I have to use Advanced SQL instead?

Version 9.1.300.0


Stanley Mok wrote:
I am using an extension to connect to an exsiting MSSQL database (...)
I'm not sure if I got it... how are you doing that and why? You should be able to use built-in functions on text data type columns in aggregates.
Hi André,

The entities are not created from within the app, they are mapped via an extension and can be used in aggregates. However, applying text function to the text data column results in an error of invalid data type.
I have an extension that integrates with a MSSQL Server database and I can use Trim() text function in a WHERE clause without any problem. Maybe you're doing something wrong when mapping columns or this is a bug related with some specific column setting that you have... idk. Try to import the entity again and be sure if the all imported attributes correctly match the columns in the database.