You can translate the description of outsystems roles in de multilungial locale table, but why you don't get the transalation of this description when you query the roles? I need the translation of the roles in multiple languages.

Yes off course it's possible to use a translation table, but I don't understand why you can translate the description but you can't get the translation
Hello Erwin,

Even though you can still define translation for a role description as well as examples and logic comments that translation definition is not being used at the moment, since it is not something shown in the application at runtime.

In order to translate the role description you'll need to implement a custom translation table in which you need to insert the table and do a join with the role table.

Hope it helps.
That's is a pity. We need to use in our application.

Thanks for your reply.
In that case you'll need to implement the translation for that data in some other way (maybe database table).

This is not different that the issue with translating data from a database, in the cases you use reference data sets.

Keep up the good work.