What will happen?

Hello everyone,
If I set my default botton's Visible to be false,
When I put the Enter on the page,
anything will happen?

Hello fuliang wei,

It's not hard to try that on your own Personal Environment, but since the Button Widget property Visible affects the actual HTML rendering of that button, Enter will simply not work. That's just it.

Also regarding the Visible property, please check out this post.

Pedro Gonçalves wrote:
Hello Pedro,Sorry I check it late.Thank for your answer.
I had try it on my own Environment,but it has different effect in different browser.

I had a default botton ,and I set its property Visible to be false.
When I show the screen in IE,click some write space,and press down the Enter,
the other botton which has been showed on the screen,will happened the action.
When I do the same thing in Chorme,the Enter is really not work.
But, I was asked to make it by IE,
Should I change the seting of my IE of something?