How to generate mobile application using outsystems and publish in App store.


I have built an application, now i want it to publish the same application in play store and App store. how can i make the .oap file to .ipa file and .apk file. is it possible? i have a enterprise environment.


Hi Mishra,

You can use the OutSystems now native application to run and test the mobile application you'vejust developed. OutSystems now itself it's open source and you can build and customize your own version of the application and submit it to the stores.

Hope thsi helps,
Hi Guilherme Pereira,

See i have built a web application using outsystems, and now i want the same application in .apk or .ipa file so that i can publish it on play store and app store.

Sugguest me what to do, if in Outsystems it is possible or not. Outsystems now itself is a .oap format, using Outsystems Now will i have to built the application again and publish it?

Hi Subhaj,

You have a video where you can see how to customize our native shell, OutSystems Now for iOS. Android video is on its way out.
You also have checklists with what not to forget when submitting your app to the play store and app store.

Let me know if this helps you out.

Hi Subhaj,

Others have perhaps not been clear, so I will try to be: you cannot create native apps with the Platform. An .oap file contains server side code, so there's no way to turn that into an .apk. You can indeed, like Ruben said, modify OutSystems Now, but you'll still need a back-end serving the web pages.
Thanks Kilian,

Outsystems Now is very new to me, and there are no video lesson or any guide is available.
Please help me with it.

Ruben thank You too for the support but still  its unclear. 

Subhaj Mishra

There are materials to learn OutSystems in learn section.
Regarding the mobile development part, you have in the evaluation guide many answers, you can check it out, namely what I think you're looking for. :)

Hopefully this will be it! :)
Let me know how it goes,