Responsive Page Stuck

Responsive Page Stuck

We are using the silk theme but we are having problems where the web page collapses like you are in tablet/phone mode when we are on a regular desktop.  The user is using Internet Explorer 10.  If we switch the browser version to "8" or turn on the development mode, the browser window expands like it is supposed to.  If it is set in "Edge" then it collapses again.  It also seems that when you zoom in or zoom out the problem goes away.  

We also had problems where users browsers would collapse to the responsive menu when they shrunk their browser window, but when they went back to full screen, it didn't re-expand the menu.  

Any ideas where to start looking to resolve this?
Hi Rebecca,

My name is Filipe Figueiredo and I'm part of the OutSystems Customer Success Team.

As you may know, Autoliv currently has an active Customer Success Program that you can always use to make these kind of questions, as such, i'm going to follow up with you on this subject through the Customer Success Program channel.

Best regards,
Filipe Figueiredo