Imagine a static entity whith strings , for example a static entity containing the colors.
I Can translate each colors with the multilanguage locales.

But when i use this static entity into a combo box,or a listbox the content is always in the original language version, no translation.

When the ressource of the used static entity is translated ?
eventually how to access in a querry to the different language version of the static entity ? 

The purpose you describe is possible using the native translation capabilites of the OutSystems platform:

Just a couple of things you need to ensure:
  • Static entity is configured to use Translations (access the advanced tab of the static entity properties and select that option;
  • Define translation in the appropriate language resource and don't forget to define it's behavior to "Translate".
  • Properly set the locale specification using the SetCurrentLocale actions (ex: SetCurrentLocale("en-US")).

If you do all the previous steps you should get the translation in a combobox either using the entity directly or an agregate.

Does this helps?