Is the OutSystems Platform the tool for what I want to accomplish?

Okay... I will be completely honest.  I have no computer programming or website design background.  I am a simple user.  However, I think I have a brilliant idea for a web and smartphone app that I want to explore and if the idea is a sound one, I want to monetize it.  Basically it is a mental health and fitness application that can be used as a self help guide and can be used by health professionals with their clients. 

In a nutshell, it is a tracking system of thoughts, moods, emotional events, exercise, diet, etc.  My idea is very similar to the website and web app  I just recently had contact with the website owner and he is no longer supporting the website or tweeking the app. 

Is this the correct tool to develop a website and web app such as the one I described?  If so, what is the learning curve?  Is it possible to integrate other app such as runkeeper?  How about a video chat room?  A special space for therapist and other health professionals to chat/text with their clients?

I would really like some input here.  I am completely lost to where I start or even know questions to ask.  I just know what the end result will look like.  So how do I go from here to there in a realitively short amount of time with minimal cost both financial and time. 

Hey Katheryne,

Thank you for posting and sharing some context.

If you have no programming experience and  assuming you would be the one developing the app, I believe it would be hard (in this or any other platform) to build what you want in a short amount of time (one or two months).

Building an app like that has a number of challenges, not  only to deliver the first version that needs to work over the web, on the three versions iPhone, a multitude of different Android devices, Windows Phones and Desktops, but it would also have to be constantly updated. Apple just released another iPad (for example).

IMHO this requires a developers team and some budget (for the first release and for the lifetime of the app, if you want to keep it fresh).