how to assign text variable by reference ?

I am trying to register a variable to receive a control from a component. How can I assign a text reference variable to the parameter to control my component. 
I use this way to decouple code and to create more reusability to my components. However, it is not easy to do that with Outsystems.
Thanks for any tip.
Hi Luciano,

In OutSystems variables are passed by value (except recordlist / list). Without further context is hard to give you a good tip but I'd suggest using either a RL or List with only a text attribute (or if it doesn't work a structure with onle a textfield) or try to use session variables to keep the calue across screens / webblocks (if inside the same module).

Hi Guilherme,
  if I send a text input field to write inside the webblock.  Is it possible ?
Hi Luciano let me understand exactly what you want. Do you want to dynamically create objects on the screen? If yes you can create a webblock with visual "if", put into this webblock all components that you want each one with a specific variable and go enabling as needed. If no plese explain better so I can help you.
Hi Alexandre,
   the idea is to use the input field as parameter and the component write the variable that I can call externally.