SaltedMD5Hash in Javascript

SaltedMD5Hash in Javascript


I'm doing an offline application in Outsystems 9.1 bali and I want to implement the salted md5 hash using only the javascript. I can't seem to find a hash generator that is similar to this kind of encryption. Is there anything I can use?, or should I just use another type of encryption.

Your reply will be much appreciated. Thank you.
Hi John,

I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm curious:
- what are you trying to encrypt?
- why do you chose salted md5? 
- what's the relationship to offline?


Okay, so I have this 2 applications, one is being executed online, and the other app would be use through their mobile devices, offline.
It's a salted md5 because I have an existing records in the database, that's being encrypted through salted md5 in my Online application. So as I access my offline app, I need to use the salted md5 in my login page. And, Offline Apps(a reference from forge) is not capable of running through a screen action, or using the Assign widget of outsystems, so I have to use javascript to build the logic.
Hope you find everything in order.