[Twilio Connector] Text messages don't get sent or seen by twilio but voice does?

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Published on 19 Feb by Eduardo Jauch
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Published on 19 Feb by Eduardo Jauch
I'm trying to use the connector. The issue is, voice calls works just fine, but text messages do not.  I get the Bzzz, Bzzz success message, but never get the text.  Any ideas?  Configuration was done using the documentation.
Never mind, i have narrowed this down to a twilio issue. This number was a ported number. After i bought a new number, everything worked just fine. The only thing is, there is no documentation as to the URL we need to put in twilio to receive text messages...any help would be appreciated.
Hey there, Jadiun,

From what I can gather, you now have an SMS enabled number, but don't know exactly what to configure under Messaging > URL, right?

Well, for messaging we use a TwiML type configuration, but checking this quickstart guide (check page 2, as well), you'll first need to configure a REST endpoint to receive the SMS messages, then configure its URL on that field.

Since the connector does't have receive SMS capabilities, you're going to need to implement that (I don't recomend doing that directly in the connector's module, though, since you'll lose Forge upgrade capabilities). Use the expose REST Webservice capabilities by defining an endpoint and set its input parameters according to the structure here.

Could you try this, please? Let us know how it went (if you need help or otherwise).