Cannot Deploy application in Personal Environment

When attempting to publish an application to my personal environment the process will not complete.  On the Environmental Health screen there is a red 'X' under Deployment and the message says “The service ‘Deployment’ could not be reached.  Please contact OutSystems support".  I have sent an email, but have not received a reply and cannot continue the online class.

From what I have read this is something OutSystems must fix.  Is my only recourse to wait until it starts working again?

Thanks, Jim
Dear Jim,
We have checked and your environment is up and running.
On a side note, issues related to cloud unavailability, please contact OutSystems Support (

Best Regards,
Mário Pereira

Thanks for replying.  The 'Deployment' service is now running as indicated by a green checkmark under Deployment on the Environmental Health screen.  I just successfully published an application.  I had sent an email to OutSystems Support and will remember to do only this in the future if this situation arises again.  I have seen from other user posts that this issue has happened on occasion.

Thanks, Jim

Good Afternoon

I have the same problem as Jim Pick. The service 'Deployment' could not be reached. Can someone help me?

Best Regards, Gustavo.