After Detach the application is spent a lot of memory in Jboss Server

After conducting application detach the JBoss application server spent a lot of memory space used by the application. During the course of the day the application is increasing the space used in memory until the Jboss application server becomes very slow and need to restart the service . Before detach this problem didn't occur and We wasn't made any changes to the application code after detach to justify this problem.
We did an analysis of the JVM memory dump and found that this with many objects of class RuntimePlatform project. for what we see most of the calls are from Feedback_Message action of eSpace RichWidgets
Anyone knows what is the class for? 
Hi Regis,

All those 3 classes that are highlighted on the document "ThreadData", "LocalState" and "StackManager" are all related with the debugger.
Was the detach performed with debug mode on or was it all set for production mode (all espaces of the factory compiled without debug)?
My guess is that since RichWidgets is a System Component and was most likely not detached, it contains debug code that is no longer being cleaned by de detached one (just assuming this from what you said).

João Rosado