Problem to develop a lifetime plugin with Lifetime SDK

Hi guys.

I am stuck at step 2 (Export LifeTime data as sample data) when I try to develop a lifetime plugin.

Although I am logged in as admin, I got this message: "You don't have enough permissions to export sample data."

Can someone help me ?

Thanks for the heads up, it seems a bug.

Can you tell us the version of the platform you are using?
Hi Lucio.

We are using the version.

Best Regards,

Willian Silva.

Hey Willian,

Can you please check if you are having synchronization problems? Have you tried to export the data again?
Hi Lara,

The synchronization is working properly. Yes, I have tried, but the issue persists.

Hey again,

I would recommend you to open a ticket with Support ( so that you can get the help you need!


Thanks Lara.

I will do that.