updating an entity that is referenced

How do I update an entity that is referenced in another module from that module.?
Use the "Manage Dependencies" button on the consumer, click the green "refresh" icons in the list on the left to refresh the references wherever you see them, click "OK" to save the changes, publish.

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The entity is in another module and I referenced it in another module.  now what I want to know is how can I update the database of that entity from the Module I refereced it.  the refereced entity on the other module does not have the createorupdate action.  so how can I update that entity from that referenced module.
Your original question was a little ambiguous which is why Justin gave you that reply.  You are concerned about how to update the 'data' in the entity, not the entity structure.  In the eSapce where the entity is declared, click on the entity in question and in the properties set Expose Read Only to No.  Publish this change and then refresh all consumers of that entity as Justin explained.  Doing this will add five more actions that will allow you to do all the create, update and delete functions.

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