Invalid web reference on publish

I'm working on an integration between our application built with OutSystems platform and a third party system through a SOAP interface exposed by the third party system.
Therefore i created a webreference in Integration on the logic tab of the application.

However when I try to publish the application I get an error message saying:
"Invalid Web Reference: The AllocationServiceService web reference could not be imported because it is not supported."

Digging deeper in the error message the following error is stated:
"[2] java.lang.Exception: parsing WSDL...
[ERROR] "Use of SOAP Encoding is not supported."

Reading the WSDL I found that all requests and responses are defined with attribute use="encoded".

Is it possible to resolve this error on the platform and if so how can this be achieved?
Hi Roel,

There are many flavours of SOAP out in the wild, and there's only limited support of the Platform for most of the more exotic varieties. If you must support such interfaces, you'll have to do it the hard way, i.e write Java code and integrate that via Integration Studio.

Note that I'm not familiar with your specific type of error, so I don't know whether or not whether you actually need to do that.
Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately you confirmed what i was afraid of: "doing it the hard way".

From reading up on the error I found out that the newer version of JAX-WS (wsimport) does not support RPC/Encoded anymore
From the error stacktrace at publish of the application it seems that the OutSystems platform is using WsImport to import the wsdl as web reference and therefore generating the error.