[Silk UI Web] Select2 validation error message not shown and no red border on control

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Published on 9 Mar by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 9 Mar by OutSystems R&D
I have select2 on a listBox.
When valid property of the control is false and ValidationMessage is filled ("Required field!") the message is not shown on the form and the control does not get the red border.
So the user does not know what is wrong.

I have tested it in a clean eSpace with the londonFixed theme.
Placed the Form control on the screen.
On the Form two fields:
- TextBox
- ListBox with Select2
Submit button
Hello Johan,

First of all sorry for the late reply.

Silk UI Patterns were created to be used inside Silk UI Layouts, or custom Layouts that follow the same rules.
The usage of Silk UI Patterns on London Theme is not guaranteed.

Nevertheless, we were able to replicate a similar issue inside Silk UI Themes, so I'm adding this issue to our backlog.

Samuel Jesus
Hello Samuel,

Thanks, I hope it will be fixed soon.



Hello guys,

Any updates on this issue?

I have encountered same problem as well




I have created a simple example with dublin theme.

Select2 with Combo Box is working -> red border added when valid = false

Select2 with List Box is not working -> no red border added

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks & regards


I guess it's the same bug.

Yes, but the answer was that Silk UI with London Theme is not guaranteed.

That's why I added an example with Dublin Theme.

Hello guys,

As Magnus mentioned, the original report was related to using the pattern with London, which is not supported.

Since the example applies to Silk templates, we're adding this to our backlog to fix soon.

Thanks for your help :)

Hi All,

I have encountered the same issue and please try to address this from your backlog.

I will also check if any work around is available for this.

Thank You,

Sridhar. S

Hello everyone.

The new version of Silk UI Web is released and the fix is now available for both versions 10 and 11 of the platform.

Also as improvements in this version:

  • The Calendar pattern was renamed to DatePicker, for consistency between Silk UI and OutSystems UI


Thanks for the update, I have checked for version 11:

Set invalid -> red box added

Set valid -> red box NOT deleted :-(

Reproduceable with attached oap from previous post on 22 Jan

Hi Magnus 

The issue you encountered is a bug with the Listbox widget, which adds a validation class twice instead of just once; so, when the validation is reset, the class is still there.

As a workaround, I'd suggest the validation of repeated usage of the Not_Valid class in the widget - and set it only once, if invalid - so the validation is correct when the widget is indeed valid.
Also, make sure you have server-side validation.

This has been identified and will be tackled soon.

Best regards