I have nested a SilkUI accordion widget inside another within my app and noticed that I have no control over the inner widget. The inner widget is contained within a webblock. The outer accordion behaves as expected (can collapse and expand), however, the inner accordion is always expanded, and cannot collapse. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
It's probaly a bug. I guess there's some JQuery selector in Silk UI accordion script that is fetching undesirable results, since you put another accordion inside itself. Try to use the Section Expandable widget instead, maybe it works for you.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried nesting the Section Expandable widget and it works (I can expand and collapse the inner widget)! However, I'm getting the following error message when the screen is rendered, "An exception occurred in the client script. Error: Cannot read property 'server' of undefined".
Well.. that looks like a Javascript error, but it's very weird. Have you added some custom Javascript to your module? The same error occurs in all browsers?

Nested Expandable Sections has some issues, I've found. I suspect the accordion has similar issues. I switched to the regular sections. Also, my experience has been that nested expandable sections and accordions is *usually* a red flag for UI/UX/design... it means that the screen is too complicated and has too much stuff on it.


There is indeed a problem with the Accordion when its inside of each other. 
We are adding this issue to our backlog.

Justin, can you provide some details on the issue you found with the Expandable Sections? Is it the same behaviour reported by Ryan?

Samuel Jesus
Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback! The issue I reported with the Section Expandable went away when I updated to the latest version of Silk UI. I believe I was experiencing the same issue reported here, http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/15113/bugs-suggestions/#Post62830. Also, glad to hear the issue with the accordion is already on the backlog.
Stuff would break on Ajax Refresh for me, so I had to pull them out. Don't remember the exact details, it was 4 months ago.


It looks like this issue has not been solved yet... Am I forced to use expandable sections as a workaround?