Training Webinar: Server-side performance bottlenecks

Training Webinar: Server-side performance bottlenecks



Performance is key factor for user adoption of your applications. Poor application performance directly affects the business, causes user frustration and may cause company to lose revenue.

Following OutSystems server-side performance best practices during development prevents surprises when the application is live, by ensuring a good server response time and a low usage of resources. Actively monitoring application performance keeps you one step ahead of bottlenecks and allows to act instead of react.

In this webinar you'll learn:

- How to detect server-side performance bottlenecks

- How to monitor your application performance

- Development Tips & Best Practices to ensure you don't run into performance issues

This webinar will be hosted on April 7th  at 13:45 GMT / 08:45 EST and will be delivered by  me.


Recording available here


I was present on the first 3 webinar, but now is complicated to watch, I missed already the last one and almost for sure I will miss the next two... Is there the possibility to watch it later?

Best regards,
Rafael Martins


I wanted to watch this but i'm on the west coast so 5:45AM didn't work for me. Did you record the session?

Thank you.

I'm also interested in watching a recoding of this webinar. Are there any plans to make a recording available online? (like the previous webinars).

Thank you!

Hi there, 

bear with us for a day or two so we can edit the recording and it will be available in the /Learn page.

Hi Ricardo,
Good news, thank you!

Ricardo, any update on this?
Hi, Tim! The video is available here:

You can also have access to all our Webinars at

This is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
Thank you Joana. I guess I was looking at the wrong location, since Ricardo said: 
"it will be available in the /Learn page." ;-)