How to Add a New Structure in SILKUIFRAMEWORK

Hi All,

I want to add a new column structure in SilkUIFramework. It is mentioned that we should not change the silk UI Components as it will make the upgrade difficult in future. 

So I try to create a new application and add reference of SilkUIFramework so from this new application I can still reuse the CSS/JS component from SilkUIFramewok. Unfortunately the ColumnsCSS webblock under Private web flow is not made as public.

How to extend the SilkUIFramework - in my case I just want to add a new structure by reuse the existing css?

Thanks a lot.

Hello Dedy,

As you mentioned, you should not change the Silk UI Components, to keep your Silk easly upgradable.
In order to extend SIlk, you need to copy the pattern to your application.

Since the pattern you want to change uses a Private Webblock, you also need to copy that private webblock to your own application, and then use that webblock on your structure element.

Nevertheless, for us to better understand your usecase can you please tell us what is the structure you would like to implement, that can use the same CSS base of the remaining structures ?

Samuel Jesus