Hi. We have a Stored Procedure that we call using an advanced query. We tested calling it through a web screen and through the advanced query screen in Service Studio, and the call from the webscreen would complete, where the call through Service Studio would be frozen on the "Testing Query" popup.

Is there any difference on queries made by the application runtime and the service studio?
Hi Ricardo,

Far as I know, there should be no difference in the generated queries, since Advanced Queries were designed in order to be able to run our own code without any interference of Outsystems Platform. However, the test query was not supposed to execute statments like INSERT, DELETE, Procedures calls... etc. Most of times a message error is raised. You can force it by inserting a COMMIT at the end of your query and the operation will be executed after all.

Best regards,

Hello André, thanks for the response.

I had already noticed that the test query automatically rolls back the transaction, so as not to perform any undesired changes on the database, but never noticed any error being thrown on an update. It did throw an error when we called the SP, however we've been able to run it in the past. Maybe it was due to an issue we had in our SP? :P

But now we know not to use the test query to test SP calls. Thanks.