April 6th, 2016 - Website registration and authentication issues

Hi all!

Some of you experienced some issues while using the OutSystems website in the last few hours.

What was the issue?
On April 6th, at around 00h00 GMT we performed a production release on our website that resulted in downtime on two of our web applications: Home and Profile.

What impact did this issue have on OutSystems users and customers?
The Home application plays a critical role in users registration and authentication so for about 8 hours the following issues happened:
  • users signing up for their personal environments were not able to proceed with their environment activation;
  • users were unable to login into their OutSystems accounts (to download components, post on the forums, submit ideas, etc). Previously logged in users were unaffected. 

What impact did this issue have on OutSystems applications and data?
New users were unable to temporarily experience the power of the OutSystems Platform - shame on us! We will contact the users that signed up for a new personal environment during this period to assist them in activating their environment. No data loss occurred. 

What are we doing to make sure this does not happen again?
We will improve our release management process to include [automated] tests for these critical functions, so that we can react much quicker when something like this happens. 

We are sorry for any impact this downtime had on your work / OutSystems usage.

Davide Marquês
Customer Experience Team
No problem, but why post now about something happened on March 6th?

Fix the date otherwise Outsystems had slacked for a month!

You're right! I was able to get both the year AND month wrong... But only noticed the year. :(

Now fixed! Thanks for the heads up. ;)
Got 6 different reports... Lot's of sharp readers around here. :)