[Column Filter Widget] Column Filter Widget and RichWidgets List_SortColumn

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Published on 2014-01-29 by Pedro Cardoso
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Published on 2014-01-29 by Pedro Cardoso
Hello and thanks for this cool widget.

If i use this widget on a column that can also be sorted (using the RichWidgets List_SortColumn widget) when the user filters (using the widget) it also sorts by that same column. Is there any easy way to solve this?

Hello Eduardo. 

I know that I have a bug there that I didn't solve yet :(

Would you like to contribute to it?
Hello Pedro,

i already notice this behaviour some time ago. What i've been doing is to use only one widget (columns with the column filter don't allow sorting and vice-versa), never both! Sometimes this can be problematic and not much user friendly.

If i find some way to solve this and allow the pacific coexistence of both widgets i will let you know.