Weird Web Block behaviour with notify and notifyGetMessage

Hi fellow Outsystems'er

Got an interesting problem.

A Parent window has a child WebBlock.

On that webblock there are a list of questions, and you can click on any of the questions to select or unselect that question.

Each time a question is clicked, a method is triggered via Ajax Submit.  

The method resolves the question id and posts it via notify.

The parent web screen has an OnNotify method that gets trigered/called takes the id from the NotifyGetMessage creates a row with the data and then appends it to a list using "ListAppend"

All works perfectly, in debug mode I see the event posted, the event caught, the row created and then appended with data properly.

However, I notice when a second question finds its way to the on notify and  also gets added to my list that the rows are all there but that the data from the previous add is empty.

I'm pretty sure the logic is sound because when I use a session list instead of a web page local variable I can see all the data properly after multiple ListAppends

Is there a limitation I don't know about?

Any help would be great.


Hi Jean,

Are you using that information anywhere else after it's been inserted? Or just checking the values on the debugger?
The debugger can trick you when the optimizer decides that the information is never used (read). Any information that the optimizer decides that is never used is not kept (since it's not needed anyway) and gets "lost" between requests.

So the question is: do you atually can see it causing a problem anythere apart from on the debugger?

João Rosado

The optimizer is a little too clever, I added a save to loop through my list and voila all the data is there :-)