[DBCleaner] Used DBCleaner but still unable to free up database space

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Published on 11 Mar by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 11 Mar by Johan den Ouden
Hi DBCleaner masters!

I've clicked every "free" button in the app but I'm still over the personal environment database space quota.

Looking into the "Database Table Size" screen it seems that most space is taken by the oslog_Error_7 table. What's the best way to clean that up?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Unfortunately, no.

There is no way to use a runtime connection to manipulate logs on the OutSystems Platform (for security reasons).

On your personal you'll need to ask success@outsystems.com to help you with this matter.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
Thanks for clearing this up Ricardo! :)

You can try the Logs Management tool, it shows the logs usage in terms of records and space occupied, as well as being able to clean the logs tables (sorry Ricardo ;) ). It also works in our personal platforms.


Hi Carlos,

I checked the Logs Management tool but seems that it is supported from platform and above. But we have a request from client who is on version wanting to do the same logs clean up. Any advise what best can be done or any other tool which can be used?