Destination mixed with URL

I want that a set of screens are led to a certain screen preparation, and after that I want to be redirected to the initial page.
I'm currently doing that through an input paramenter (OriginalURL) and a ExternalURL, but I need to sent a paramenter to my initial page. I can do it through the URL, but I don't want to.
Is there a way of setting the destination screen using a variable?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Maria,

If you don't want to use the URL the alternative could be through the use of Session variables. You store the values in session, redirect to the page and on the page check if the variables have an url value, clear it and redirect the user.

Please not that if anywhere between redirections you login or logout the user the session variables will be cleared.

Hope this helps

This is quite confusing, but I'm going to try to explain it better...
The thing is that before a page (A, B, C,...) is loaded, I want to know if my user has already been into page X.
So I have an If condition in the beggining of the preparation of each page that compares the value that comes in the URL (if any) with a value stored (in a session variable). That value is generated in page X, and in the end of page X the value is both stored in the session variable and sent as paramenter to the ExternalURL...
I wanted something similar to a Destination that sends the generated paramenter, but I don't want to have a Switch with as many Destinations as possible income pages.
Hi Maria,

Not sure if you have reached a solution for this but a dynamic destination is not possible. The only option is through the use of an ExternalSite widget with a dynamic URL.

If you wish to bypass the use of the URL address to pass the original URL the best option is through the use of a session variable. You build your URL dynamically based on the parameter value and then use the ExtenalSite widget to go there.

Assuming the screens are in different espace modules (that do not share session variables) what you can do is to use cookies. You can store the URL in a cookie and redirect always to the same page. This redirection page reads from the cookie and redirects you to the final URL once again using the External Site.

Hope this clarifies it for you.