Bug longinteger index compare to nullidentifier

Hi Guys,

There is a bug on our production eviroment running on Version 9.1.300.0.
The following query filter doesnt work anymore:

entity.id = inputpar or
inputpar = NullIdentifier()

The NullIdenfier() is return a integer only as default table index OS now creates long integers.
We fixed this by using:

entity.id = inputar or
inputpar = LongIntegerToIdentifier(NullIdentifier())
Hi Freek,

This seems indeed a bug, though I'm not sure it's known with OutSystems. I'd advise you to write support@outsystems.com to tell them just in case.

See here for a related case of LongInteger and NullIdentifier() going wrong.
Hey Freek,

Thank you for your feedback! I will add the issue to our backlog and we will address it accordingly to its priority.


Hey again Freek,

The issue was already fixed and you will find it in one of the next patches. Check the Change Log and search for the issue #1207415.

Thank you for your feedback once again!