Server Error in '/CustomHandlers' Application.

Hey everyone,

I'm currently getting used to Integration Studio (outsystems version 9.1.301.0) so I'm just designing very simple source codes to see how the entire process goes. The source code is in Java and I'm using Eclipse Enterprise Edition. As it is, I'm just telling Integration Studio (whose Application Server is set to J2EE) to create the source code with a text output parameter which I then pass a string to. This is the source code:

package outsystems.noscc_teste2.actions;
import outsystems.noscc_teste2.entities.*;
import outsystems.noscc_teste2.structures.*;
import outsystems.noscc_teste2.records.*;
import outsystems.noscc_teste2.recordlists.*;
import outsystems.runtimecommon.*;
import outsystems.hubedition.runtimeplatform.*;
import outsystems.runtimepublic.db.*;
import outsystems.hubedition.databaseabstractionlayer.adoadapters.*;
import outsystems.hubedition.util.*;
import outsystems.hubedition.runtimeplatform.log.*;
import java.math.BigDecimal;
public class ActAction1 {
* @param result.outParamParameter1
public static ActAction1 mosAction1() {
ActAction1 result = new ActAction1();
result.outParamParameter1 = "cena";
// TODO: Write implementation for action
return result;
// output parameters
public String outParamParameter1;

I then publish it to Service Studio and this is where my error appears. I include the newly created extension through the "Manage Dependencies" option. If i publish the eSpace at this stage (without even making use of the action), i get the following error:

I don't even know how to begin to fix this issue. I've searched the folders and the resources of the extension but I can't see anything resembling a web.config.

i should say that i get a warning when I 1-click publish the extension ( Extension 'Application Server Type' property (J2EE) does not match OutSystems Platform application server (.NET) ) but I don't know if it is related or not. I found someone with a similar problem as this warning but the case isn't exactly the same I think (

Has anyone encountered a similar problem or has a solution for this error? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Miguel A.
Hi Miguel,

A few notes:
1) You can actually add images to your post, and alternatively add them as an attachment, so no need to put them on
2) You don't "publish [extensions] to Service Studio" - Service Studio is the tool with which you create eSpaces. You publish the extensions with Integration Studio, to the Platform.
3) The warning says it all: you are trying to create an extension in Java, while your platform server runs .NET! Of course this isn't possible. Java and .NET are not interchangeable. Are you using the Personal Edition of the platform? Personal Editions are .NET only. You cannot use Java with a Personal Edition.