[BPT] How to terminate all open processes

[BPT] How to terminate all open processes

Hey everyone.

I have a BPT process that has gone awry and I need to terminate all open instances of it. Going to each of the 1500+ instances manually is not gonna work, because it's just too much.

Is there any way to bulk terminate them all?

And don't worry, this is a development environment :p

Hi Carlos,

Idk how exactly terminate a process in execution, but I think you can achieve this by using the Process API or  BPT API of the platform.

Maybe this link can be a start point:

Hope it helps.

Maybe you could publish the eSpace that holds the BPT process but without the processes? Iirc that should close everything that's open.
Thanks for the help.

We ended up just mass-updating the Processes table with the Terminated status and that fixed it. No more rogue processes.