Is it possible to get a widget by its ID?

Hi OutSystems community,

In my application I have a number of hardcoded input fields and comboboxes that I use to define a type of product.

Some of these input fields and comboboxes have validations that are checked everytime the user changes its content.

I'm trying to change the widget properties (Valid and ValidationMessage) depending on the result of my validation check and I would like to do this dynamically (e.g. I pass the ID of the widget and I want to get the widget with that specific ID).

Is this possible? It would be great if I could define a list with those widgets and then run a function "getWidgetById" to filter the result.

Thanks in advance,
Hi David,

First, you better post such questions to the Technology forum, as it will have far better exposure. That said, unfortunately it is not possible to get a widget by it's Id and perform actions on it.