I would like to test More Charts from FORGE. It is Platform 9.0 but I have 9.1.
When I try to install I receive message regarding to platform.
is it safe to install manually?
Best Regards
Hi Jose,

There should be no problem.
Most forge components were kept in older versions to allow them to be installed in multiple versions without the developer needing to upload (and keep) multiple upgraded versions of the component.
That has unfortunatly the side effect of the automatic installer in Service Studio to complain. He plays it safe and its a bit too picky :)

I didn't test this one myself, but almost all components that have 9.0 versions should upgrade fine to 9.1 since there were almost no big breaking changes between them.

João Rosado
Thank for your answer...
But When I try to open it calls 9.0...How Can I open in 9.1?
can anybody give a clue?
Best Regards
Hi Jose,

Can you post a screenshot of what you mean?
Where does it "calls 9.0"?

I just installed it into my personal environment (that is in the latest version: 9.1.301.0) and had no problems publishing it
during install:http://screencast.com/t/HnAfvBjVFc
after install: http://screencast.com/t/HqzRCisPo5IF

João Rosado
You can actually see the test page working from my personal: https://my.outsystemscloud.com/MoreCharts/
João, thanks for your quick answer...allow me to explain the steps:
1. I have installed studio 9.0 and 9.1
2. My personal is 9.1 platform.
3. I look for "More Charts" in forge and try to install...
4. I got the message error because of platform...( More Charts is in 9.0)
5. I downladed the "package".
6. When I try to open, then Studio 9.0 is called by
Question : How Can I copy&paste or put in 9.1?
Let me know if you need more info,...
Again, Thank for your support...

Hi Jose

Two ways:

1. Open Service Studio 9.1 and in the Environment menu option (top left corner), choose "Open File...".
If the file you are trying to sen to your envionment is an application (.oap file) you may need to switch from OutSystems Markup Language to OutSystems Application Pack, in the file filter of file open dialog.


2. On your personal environment Service Center, go to "Factory > Applications" and click in the link "Publish an Application". Choose the file to publish and hit the 1-Click Publish button.
You're the men...
I took first one....and I got it...
Now , Do you have any recomendations for use in my own app...?