Adding Existing Users to New Tenant?

Adding Existing Users to New Tenant?

Hello, I am testing out the Multi-Tenant functionality using the TenantManagement espace and cant seem to find where I can simple copy or assign exsting users to New Tenants.  Looks like I have to create new users under each enant but maybe I am missing something :-)
Any help is appreciated!
Hi Christopher,

This How-To should put you in the right track: How to Build a Multi-tenant Application

Please note that in both the Implementing the Front Office or Implementing the Back Office sections you can find examples showing the creation of the users for a new tenant. To be more specific, you can call the CreateUser entity action, not before you toggle the Show Tenant Identifier property in User entity, to be able to specify which Tenant you want to save your user. This approach also makes it easy for a global backoffice to see any user regardless of their Tenant.

I'd also recommend you take a look at the available examples that were shared in the Forge website and which implement a Multi-Tenant backoffice application.

Please let me know if this was clear and keep us posted on your findings,