[Advanced Filter Builder] Unable to pass the field names

[Advanced Filter Builder] Unable to pass the field names

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Published on 2015-01-08 by João Pêgas
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Published on 2015-01-08 by João Pêgas

I am unable to pass field names and it always shows example field names as drop downs in the field drop down.

I am currently using 9.x version and i have installed the component and example works perfectly fine. 

i have cloned the UserList_InitializeValues in actions and passing the field names to the advanced filter widget. But i am not seeing my field names in the drop down and it always shows example field names like name, company, email

Is there anything i am missing to integrate into my screen ? any help is appreciated. thank you.

Hello Ravi,

have you also changed the UserList_InitializeValues action? If you open it, you will see that there are some list appends there, that work as examples for the demo scenario.

Best Regards,
Hugo Pinheiro
Hi Hugo, I did change the values in assignment portion of list appends. I also noticed that my field names are getting passed into advanced filter. But still they are not showing up in screen. Is there anything I am missing.
Hi Hugo,

I have created a test module to use this advanced filter and attaching the same here. Please review and let me know what I am doing wrong here.

what are you now seeing in the popup screen? any field or still the old ones? can you also send a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Best Regards
Hi Hugo,

I have already attached oml in my message earlier. Are you able to open it ? 

I still see the example fields eventhough I am initializing and sending the new fields to the popup as the input.

Do we need to pass any other parameters other than fields list like page name ?