Can OutSystems be used to build a data upload portal with predefined data validations

I am trying to build a portal and currently exploring a lot of technologies to understand which of the technologies can do the job. Outystems is one the technology that I am exploring. Can someone provide me their comments on whether OutSystems would be able to handle all the below mentioned functionalities:

0.       The web portal can be hosted on a secured cloud enviornment like AWS.
1.       The portal platform needs to provide secured login credentials to each user.
2.       The portal platform needs to allow users to upload data into the portal.
3.       The portal should be capable of performing data validation checks and displaying a validation report to the user in real time.
4.       The portal should be capable of allowing users to edit/fix/update data on the portal itself
5.       The portal should be able to send out notifications (emails) to a configurable distributions lists for pre-defined events.
6.       The portal should have detailed auditing capabilities to track user activity as minutely as possible

Here's what I believe or the answers to your questions based on my Outsystems experience.

0 - Yes, AWS hosts all the personal edition instances of Outsystems so it can host yours.
1 - Outsystems has a built-in login mechanism but if that isn't good enough there are other protocols (Oath2, LDAP, etc.) that can be used.
2 - A built-in widget and several Forge components allow file uploads.
3 - You would have to write logic to do this but it is very doable.  User uploads the file, your code opens the file and does the necessary validation and puts errors in an error table and then reports any errors to the user reading this table.
4 - Enhance step 3 to not only capture errors in a table but capture the input data as well so the user can edit it.
5 - The platform has a very good email capability but you will have to use data in the database and some logic to maintain distribution lists and events.
6 - Any auditing is completely up to you.  Your logic from steps 3 and 4 could be enhanced to write detailed audit information - user, files uploaded, size, number of records, edits, etc.

I would suggest that the validation portions of this would take someone with some Outsystems experience in order to get it done in a timely manner, no different than finding someone to do this in Java or .Net.  If you are not a software developer and choose to try this yourself you will become quickly frustrated as you would with any other language.

Hope this helps,
Thanks Curt! This is really helpful. I have a few follow up questions I was hoping you could shed some light on.

For data validations I came across server side and client side validations which Outsystems can perfomrm (Links below)

Server Validations

Client validations

Can this not be leveraged?

Also if a person with absolutely no background in Outsystems were to code this then how much time would it take (including training), even a very rough estimate would do .

The actual implementation, server or client, really doesn't change anything though client side would likely be a better choice for this application.  What takes time is the field by field validation - test for numerics, dates, value ranges, etc.  

Not knowing your computer programming expertise, how quickly you learn or how much time per day you can devote to this project it would be impossible to guess how long it would take you to do this.  Depending on exactly how much validation has to happen I would estimate a competent Outsystems developer working full time could do this in two or three weeks.  This is just for what is described in the original post, not including everything else that would complete your 'portal'.

Hope this helps,
Thanks Curt for the reply. This is really helpful. 

I have another question on licensing- I will also be reaching to the OutSystems Licensing team but I was hoping to get a general idea. Is the licensing fee based on the number of users who use the system? On what paramters is the lincensing fee determined?

Yes, contact Outsystems about licensing issues.