FTP Directory in OS Cloud/Amazon

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There is a new requirement that is being asked of us by our client and that is put pictures in our SKU list. We are used to doing this on an on-premise implementation but on this case, this is on the Outsystems Cloud.

So questions:

1. Are we allowed to setup a directory where to put the pictures and just add a field 'file path' to the record?
2. How about FTP?
3. If we are going to shy away from File System and use DB blob field type, how much DB space are we allowed in the OS Cloud?
4. Ideas of one time mass upload of pictures (and tag to them to the existing product records)?
5. Any other options you may suggest?

If the pictures must be configurable, you must either host them somewhere (but I would avoid cross-site problems), or put them in the database. You could use the eSpace's img directory, but since everything's hosted in the cloud, you don't know what'll happen to it. For temporary images it's ok, but I wouldn't use it for permanent ones.

As for the maximum database size available in the personal edition, see here how to check.
Thanks for the response Kilian. I guess we can just have it on the database. I would just imagine the effort to put them all there.

By the way, this is not a personal cloud. This is production environment of OS on the cloud. :)

If it's a production environment, I wouldn't think you have any problems with the database size. As for bootstrapping the lot, I can imagine you could put all pictures temporarily on a server you can access from the cloud, and you upload an Excel that, amongst other data, references the URL the images can be found.
Thanks for the suggestion. We are also thinking about doing it via DB insert but difinitely I will also take note of this option.

An other option is to get Amazon S3, which is in the same Amazon location as the OS cloud and store the images there and reference them via an API, just like you would do when storing in your own filesystem. This option will not impact your database performance and you can just copy your images all at once. 

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