Component Name is dynamically added by outsystems

Component Name is dynamically added by outsystems

HI ,
i am facing a problem in form submittion using ajax submit.
I have a huge list of data in a listbox.if the form is submitted all the component values are submitted(runtime viewstate of outsytems is huge).so The ajax submit errors out(_osjs.js?9_1_0_8:5 Error: The connection to the server was reset)..
i can solve this by removing name attribute from the component.But issue is Name attribute is dynamically added by outsystems(eq.om_apm_wt148:wtMainContent:wt55:wtUsers_List:0:wtUser).is there a way to over come the default behaviour?

Hi nithin,

you could try to replace the list box by an autocomplete. This is a default pattern for extremely long lists. 

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Also, if the problem of the data amount is the viewstate there are some threads in the forum about how to reduce it.
How much is the size of your request content when it fails?

João Rosado